Seeding a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn is a very fun and rewarding project. Just in a few days you can see the new grass shoots growing, turning into a rich and healthy lawn.

For optimum growth, the best time to seed is late Spring or early Fall, when soil temperature is between 7 – 10 degrees Celsius


Materials Required

You will need:

  1. Sun or Shade Grass Seed
  2. Garden Soil
  3. Garden Rake
  4. Hand or push spreader
  5. Lawn Roller

Use our Area Calculator to determine how much garden soil you will need. See Seed Application Rates below to find out what soil depth will be required for your project.

Seed Application Rates

New Lawn Seeding:
  • 5 pounds per 1000 square feet
  • Planted in 2 – 3 inches of good quality garden soil, which provides the required nutrients for seed to flourish.
Overseeding Existing Lawn:
  • 2 – 3 pounds per 1000 square feet
  • Apply 1/4 inch of garden soil, make sure old grass blades are visible

Step 1:Spread Garden Soil

Spread good quality garden soil to the depth recommended per the application rates above

Step 2:Spread Grass Seed

Use either a hand or push spreader to apply grass seed to area to ensure even seed distribution

Step 3:Apply Fertilizer

Application of a 5-20-20 New Lawn Care starter fertilizer is recommended to optimize seed growth. Click here to find out fertilizer application rates

Step 4:Roll the Area

Once planted, the seed can be raked or rolled into the soil using a lawn roller. This will improve seed germination and prevents bird from eating the seeds

Step 5:Water the Area Lightly

Water the area lightly but do not soak

and you are done!

After Grass Seed is planted:
  • Continue to water the area as needed to maintain moist soil
  • The seed will take 7 – 10 days to start germinating
  • Avoid traffic on the seeded area while seedlings are starting to grow
  • Grass should be cut when ready, approximately 4-6 weeks after seeding

For more information about lawn seeding and best practices visit The Lawn Institute website.

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