Sun Grass Seed




  • Seed can only be delivered if purchased together with a sack of soil, mulch, or our other products sold in sacks

Sun Grass Seed – Good quality grass seed for home lawn and professional use.

The Premium Sun Grass Seed Mix (Campus Green) offers the following benefits:

  • Good quality, ideal for home lawns and professional landscape use
  • A good solution for over seeding worn out lawns and for new seedings
  • Low maintenance mix
  • Rapid establishment
  • Shade tolerant
  • Rich, dark green color
  • 5 lbs per 1000 sq. feet
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Benefits Of Sun Grass Seed

Most grass seeds are packaged as blends. Over the long-term, blends produce a more durable lawn. This is because when conditions are detrimental to a particular species of grass, other grasses in the blend can step up to help keep your lawn thick and green. The two most commonly used species are Sun grass seed mix and Shade grass seed mix.