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Testimonial Nine

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great service I received when I recently ordered a bag of soil and one of mulch.   The staff I spoke to when I had a few questions before the delivery were very helpful and the delivery person was great.

I also wanted to commend you on the resourcefulness your company has shown in putting together the raised garden kit package.  I think the idea is brilliant, especially since the thought of trying to order lumber, screws, etc and getting everything cut to size by going through a Lowes or Home Depot would be daunting at the best of times, and trying to do it on-line or over the phone would be more than most of us could handle.  By putting the whole package together, and then including a donation to a Covid-19 charity, I think your company has shown remarkable ingenuity.  I have shared the availability of this with lots of friends so far… well done!

Testimonial Eight

Thanks for the awesome service.  My order was delivered in under 24 hours.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Will see you again next year!

Testimonial Seven

I received an order for soil. The driver who brought the soil was very responsible and diligent. Their customer service was amazing and really appreciated. Thank you.

Testimonial Six

Just want to thank you for the great service this morning. Driver was super friendly and polite. He had the bags dropped off even before I came outside.

Testimonial Five

Thanks for the 2 deliveries this week including the one delivered today. Always placed in the right spot and today’s driver was especially polite and courteous. Thanks again for the terrific service.

Testimonial Four

“They provided great sod and topsoil for our front / back yard. Included delivery of soil and sod in price. Delivered when promised, and even asked where (specifically) to drop both so as to make it convenient. When I needed more, they dropped it off the next day without issue. Very good customer service via phone.”

Testimonial Two

“I needed to order a cubic yard of 3/4″ gravel stones to fill up the drainage area between my house and the neighbour’s. I called around, and Fairgreen had by far the best prices for delivery. I got a cubic yard (around 2 tonnes) of gravel stones for $100, in a large closeable bag, INCLUDING delivery. When I called, the staff were courteous, and asked where I wanted the bag placed. They delivered the stones the next day at the top of my driveway, and even had the thoughtfulness to put it off to the side, so that I could still park my car in the driveway and garage- and I have a narrow, one-car-wide driveway. That really impressed me!”

Testimonial Two

“I ordered 3 bags of top soil and a palette of sod for a backyard re-do. One small glitch as they delivered the sod two weeks earlier than the agreed delivery date, but one quick call and they immediately returned to pick it up. When it was delivered (on the right day), the sod was in great shape and clearly cut in the last 12 hours. They even offered to move my car (I wasn’t home) in order to put the sod closer to the backyard.”

Testimonial One

“What a great idea! I got 2 sacks of soil, sack of mulch and a sack of gravel all delivered to my home while I was at work. I came home and spent the weekend fixing up my yard, instead of dragging my trailer back and forth to expensive garden centers loading bags. Thanks Fairgreen and see you next summer!”