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Topdress & Overseed Kit for Shade

Everything you need to Topdress and Overseed your Shady lawn, Delivered to you!


Kit Includes:


1 Cubic yard of our No.1 Garden Soil Blend in a resealable sack

1 10 KG Bag of Starter Fertilizer - 5 - 20 - 20 

1 1 KG Bag of Shade Grass Seed 


Kit Instructions:


1) Spread fertilizer over area (7lbs per 1000 sqft).

2) Apply approximately 1/4 to 1/3 inch of soil to area.

3) Spread grass seed over soil (2.5lbs per 1000 sqft).

4) Gently rake in grass seed with a leaf/fan rake.

5) Roll area if possible (helps prevent birds from eating seed). 

6) Give area a light sprinkling of water (1/8 inch) if there is no rain in the forecast.

7) Enjoy a thicker, healthier lawn.

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