Fresh Grass Seed for a Durable Lawn
Grass Seed

Fairgreen Sod Farms sell bulk and wholesale lawn and grass seed in two varieties, each designed for a specific need. Composed of different species of Kentucky grass seed, they are more likely to establish quickly, with drought resistant characteristics. 

  1. Our Shade grass mix is ideal for restricted sunlight areas. It can handle up to as much as 70% reduced light. Perfect for that small, shady backyard.
  2. Our Premium Campus Green is a professional grade mix that offers quick establishment and low maintenance. Ideal for over seeding and repairing worn out areas in your lawn.

Talk to a grass seed specialist today and see which blend is right for your lawn. We can custom order any blend that is required!


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What Our Customers Are Saying:

I needed to order a cubic yard of 3/4" gravel stones to fill up the drainage area between my house and the neighbour's. I called around, and Fairgreen had by far the best prices for delivery. I got a cubic yard (around 2 tonnes) of gravel stones for $100, in a large closeable bag, INCLUDING delivery. When I called, the staff were courteous, and asked where I wanted the bag placed. They delivered the stones the next day at the top of my driveway, and even had the thoughtfulness to put it off to the side, so that I could still park my car in the driveway and garage- and I have a narrow, one-car-wide driveway. That really impressed me!
Homeowner - Markham
I ordered 3 bags of top soil and a palette of sod for a backyard re-do. One small glitch as they delivered the sod two weeks earlier than the agreed delivery date, but one quick call and they immediately returned to pick it up. When it was delivered (on the right day), the sod was in great shape and clearly cut in the last 12 hours. They even offered to move my car (I wasn't home) in order to put the sod closer to the backyard.
Geoff - Toronto


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