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River Rock 1-3"

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Each bag is approx. 1 cu. yard and weighs 1.4 tons. To calculate how much you need, use our free Soil Calculator

River Rock is 1" to 3" in size.  It is a decorative rock the has been smoothed by flowing water.  It can be used in gardens or as a decorative boarder around driveways and walkways.  The river rock comes in our one-yard bulk S.O.S. bags.   


  • River rocks are durable
  • Rocks make an excellent feature around Trees and Shrubs
  • There is no maintenance required to keep your rock accent beautiful
  • Rock accents can decrease water loss and filter debris
  • When included in your landscape, rocks can act as excellent weed control barriers
  • Decorative stones and rocks add a splash of colour to enhance the natural beauty of the areas
  • River rocks are an easy and beautiful way to border your pond or water feature
  • Decorative stones and rocks make a low maintenance filler in a walking path
  • River rock looks great as a border in any garden or hardscape

For each extra bag save $25. Add to your cart, select quantity and get the discount!

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