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How to apply:

  1. Prepare your garden or desired area by removing any debris (sticks, leaves, stones, etc)
  2. Apply a layer of landscape fabric directly over the desired area. Landscape fabric will enhance the effectiveness of the mulch.
  3. Spread mulch evenly over the desired area. Mulch should be approx. 2 to 4 inches in depth.

Mulch will need to be re-applied seasonally for maximum effectiveness.

Red Pine Mulch

Get $25.00 off each additional full sack

Price includes shipping within delivery area.

Each bag is approx. 1 cu. yard. To calculate how many bags you need, use our free Soil Calculator.

Choose red pine mulch for your landscape and enhance the beauty of every aspect of your yard. This rich tone mulch variety is a great way to bring out the colours in your garden or accent your landscape. Our mulch is easy to use, has excellent texture and is a long lasting ground cover. 

Fairgreens mulch is purchased locally, and our providers are help to the highest standards of quality so you can be sure you're adding only the best to your yard!


  • Mulch is an attractive addition to your garden that lowers your overall maintenance.
  • Black mulch is known as an excellent weed control barrier, while maintaining soil moisture & temperature levels.
  • Mulches can reduce nutrient leeching after heavy rainfalls.
  • Black mulch also improves the fertility of the root zone by adding organic matter as it decomposes and it keeps that root zone cool and moist even in the high heat of summer.
  • Mulch increases the population of earthworms which are beneficial to your gardens health.
  • Mulch is an excellent way to keep in ground veggies safe from pests, and keeps edible crops (like pumpkins or fruit bearing plants) safe from soil diseases that may splash on to the plants vulnerable leafs and stems!

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