3/4″ Clear Gravel



3/4″ Clear Gravel – Get $20.00 off each additional full sack
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Each bag is approx. 1 cu. yard. To calculate how much you need, use our free Soil Calculator.

Gravel is the perfect addition for any hardscape project! Our 3/4″ gravel is a high quality and versatile aggregate is used in the construction. Additionally, it’s also used to fill or drainage of your next landscape project. Ideal for decks, fences, drainage and driveways but also used in garden edging as a filler with decorative stones.

3/4″ gravel is a great way to level an area and enhance drainage when constructing a new deck, or to fill deck or fence post holes for stability before cementing the post in to place. It’s size and texture mean it doesn’t compact, therefore giving you long term reliability in comparison to an alternative product like sand. Our gravel is also used in drainage projects to ensure the flow of water is filtered or debris and sloped away from your deck, fence or home.

Need a driveway but you aren’t ready to asphalt? Our 3/4″ gravel is an excellent temporary or long term driveway filler. It ‘s popularly used under asphalt to level the area, but can also be used alone as a driveway filler while in between projects or long term in place of an asphalt or interlocked driveway.

The 3/4″ gravel can be delivered in our 1 yard bulk sack.

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Benefits Of 3/4″ Clear Gravel

Purchasing 3/4″ Clear Gravel

You can purchase aggregates from our main yard in 30-litre bags, or by the yard. If you need larger amounts we can deliver your aggregates by the dump truck load, or also in one-yard bulk S.O.S. bags.

The forklift can place the bags as close as possible to where you need the material.